I hope you all have had a great start to 2019. Between SB 608 passing and Snowmageddon 2.0, it has been a busy first quarter for Brooke Garcia Property Management. Good-bye snow, hello daffodils!

Here is our 2019 Q1 Rent Rate Sheet for 3 bedroom homes in Central Oregon. Rents have gone up slightly since our last quarterly newsletter and I think we will continue to see that trend as we head into our busy renting season. Many of the people inquiring on our available rentals are looking because the owner of their current property is selling. This could be a result of the passing of SB 608 which could mean fewer rentals available and a lot of displaced tenants needing housing. This no doubt will have an impact on rent rates as well. If you or your clients ever need a rent rate recommendation for a specific property please ask me! 

Many of you have reached out to me to discuss the impact of SB 608. These law changes are navigable as long as properties are being managed well.  There is no better time to rely on a Property Manager because we have systems in place to keep an eye on rent rates and send appropriate notices on time. Here is a helpful summary of SB 608.  As we continue to work on strategies to best work with these law changes we will share them with you.

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