Happy Holidays from the team at Brooke Garcia Property Management!
This photo of Katrina Boswell (Operations Assistant) and me is from our company holiday party last weekend.

Here is the most recent rent rate update for 3 bedroom homes for various neighborhoods in Bend and our surrounding areas:
Average rent rates in Central Oregon for 3 bedroom homes

We are feeling a slight slowdown in the rental market which is typical for this time of year. When we do start leases in the winter we tend to write them for a 6-month lease term with the potential to renew for 1 year.  That way we can avoid vacancies during this time of year and potentially obtain a more favorable rent price during the peak season.

If you or your clients ever need a rent recommendation for a specific property, we would be happy to provide that information. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your referrals!

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